Safe Place

When a TORNADO WARNING is issued for your area, take IMMEDIATE ACTION. Be prepared to act quickly even during a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING – Tornadoes can form from Severe Thunderstorms with out any warning !

Once a Tornado is spotted, you will have only a short amount of time to access your safe place. 

As part of your response to severe weather, you should not only know where your safe place is located but also have it pre-stocked with some essential items.  Below are some suggestions of items you might want to include in your safe place. 

This is by no means a complete listing of items, only suggestions – your personal situation may dictate additional items. Also refer to “Be Prepared Supply List” for suggested items for a Disaster Kit.

  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Portable, battery-operated radio and extra batteries
  • Battery powered NOAA Weather Radio
  • Battery powered handheld scanner
  • First aid kit and manual
  • Essential medicines – over the counter as well as prescriptions
  • Essential documents – birth certificates, wedding licenses, mortgage papers, etc…
  • Specialized family needs – baby food, diapers, etc…
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Extra sets of clothes